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ABC News anchor Dan Harris used to think that meditation “was for people who collect crystals, play ultimate frisbee, and use the word namaste without irony.” Harris discovered that meditation has made him more focused and productive, less emotionally reactive, more patient, and generally easier to be around.

Listen to silence. It has much to say. - Rumi

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Mindfulness Apps

Calm.com (www.calm.com) — A free website and mobile app with guided meditation and relaxation exercises.

Headspace (www.headspace.com) — “Meditation made simple.” This app has a free introductory period, after which a paid subscription is required.

Insight Timer (https://insighttimer.com) — A free mobile app with virtual “bells” to time and support your meditations, plus access to many guided meditations.

Stop, Breathe, and Think (https://www.stopbreathethink.com) — A website and mobile app with meditations for mindfulness and compassion.

The Mindfulness App (http://themindfulnessapp.com) — This app offers many features, including reminders, timers and personalized meditation offers.

Websites and Links

Center for Mindfulness at UC San Diego (http://mindfulness.ucsd.edu/) — Offers training programs, recordings and many other resources.

Christopher Germer (https://chrisgermer.com) — Christopher Germer is one of the co-creators (along with Kristine Neff) of the Mindful Self-Compassion training program. His website offers a number of resources.

Dharma Seed (www.dharmaseed.org) — This online resource offers free talks and guided practices from world-renowned teachers.

Insight Meditation Society (https://www.dharma.org/resources/audio) — Offers meditation retreats, teacher talks and guided meditations.

Kristin Neff (https://self-compassion.org) — Kristin Neff is one of the co-creators (along with Christopher Germer) of the eight-week self-compassion training program. Her website offers a number of resources.

Mindful Schools (www.mindfulschools.org) — Mindful Schools is one of the key players in the movement to integrate mindfulness into schools. It offers courses and many other resources.

Mindfulness Centre at Brown University (www.brown.edu/public-health/mindfulness) — The centre provides a variety of courses for newcomers and experienced practitioners as well as teacher training.

Rick Hanson (www.RickHanson.net) — Rick Hanson is a psychologist who has written a number of books on the essential inner skills of well-being, psychological growth, and contemplative practice. His website offers a variety of resources.

Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Centre (https://www.spiritrock.org/audio-talks) — The centre offers meditation retreats. A number of audio resources (teachings) are available on its website.

Tara Brach (http://tarabrach.com) — Tara Brach’s is a psychologist whose teachings blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices. Her website offers a number of talks, recordings and other resources.

True North Insight (http://truenorthinsight.org) — This non-profit organization offers meditation retreats and sitting groups.

University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness (www.umassmed.edu/cfm) — This is where Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, created by Jon Kabat-Zinn, originally started. It offers mindfulness-based courses and programs.

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