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Corporate Well-Being/Workplace Mindfulness

Corporate Well-Being/Workplace Mindfulness

An increasing number of organizations—including many household names like Google, Apple, General Mills, and Aetna—have incorporated mindfulness into their organization to enhance employee well-being and performance.

The conditions of the modern workplace—such as high levels of distraction and long hours—make mindfulness particularly appealing. Today’s workplaces are often challenging and competitive environments that can lead to high levels of stress, burnout and lost productivity.

More than 10,000 employees who participated in a Duke University study through Aetna’s Mindfulness and Wellness Initiative reported a

  • 28% reduction in self-reported stress levels
  • 20% improvement in sleep quality
  • 19% reduction in pain.

Participants also averaged an additional 62 minutes per week in added productivity.

In a Government of Canada survey completed by 44 Association of Professional Executives after attending an Ottawa Meditation & Wellness mindfulness workshop, 95.1% of respondents said ``they would recommend the workshop to a colleague or peer``.

How mindfulness can benefit your organization

Mindfulness training can benefit every workplace, from government departments and agencies to small businesses and large corporations. In particular, mindfulness can help employees, managers and leaders:

  • learn how to take care of their mental health and well-being
  • increase attention, focus and working memory
  • increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence— key leadership skills
  • reduce stress and increase employee well-being
  • improve employee engagement
  • improve communication
  • improve employees’ ability to respond (versus react) under stressful conditions
  • increase productivity

Our Workplace Programs

“Taster” Sessions

One of our most popular, Mindfulness “Taster” sessions is an excellent way to support employee mental health, well-being and learning. They are offered in lengths of one to three hours or full-day workshops.

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Theme-Based Sessions

Ideal in packages of 3, 6 or 12 sessions that cover various topics (Stress, Resilience, Working with difficult emotions, etc.) are excellent for supporting employee wellbeing and growth. Request our E-catalogue here.

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Event/”Meditation Break”

These are a great way to open and settle into a conference or as a transition between meetings. Typically 20 minutes long, these sessions can be pre-recorded or live. Also available in French, Japanese and Chinese.

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Public Speaking Anxiety

Discover how mindfulness can transform performance anxiety. This exciting new course is offered for one-hour weekly, over six weeks, or as a half-day workshop.

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Self-Compassion for Health Care Professionals

This short course, healthcare adaptation the Mindful Self-Compassion program, is a excellent for building emotional resilience and burnout prevention.

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Performance (mPEAK)

Trusted within the US military, the Navy Seals, Coast Guard, and police forces, mPEAK is an eight-week (or three-day intensive) program for high-performers, who want to take their performance (and well-being) to the next level.

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Stress Reduction

This gold standard, evidence-based program is typically offered for eight weeks, 2.5 hours per week. It is also available in a 6-week, 90-minute adapted format.

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Professional Development

Great programs are available for your next PD day. Support teachers and professors with half or full-day mindfulness programs. Teachers will thank you!
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Steps for Booking your Program

1. Choose the program that best suits your organization’s needs.

2. Request availability and pricing.

Please provide: approximate number of people; whether in-person or online, the date and time, if known and we will get back to you with a quote.

3. Book a 15-minute consultation.

If you are undecided about which program is best for your organization, please contact us.

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