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About Ottawa Meditation & Wellness

Ottawa Meditation & Wellness offers evidence-based mindfulness programs to individuals, private groups, and organizations through our online programs. Programs are provided locally and internationally (online.) Programs include:

Introductory mindfulness and meditation workshops
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)
Mindful Performance Enhancement Awareness & Knowledge (mPEAK)
Mindfulness-Based Habit Change (MBHC) specializing in eating and anxiety
Customized corporate wellness programs
Private coaching
Half and Daylong retreats and talks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted leader in Ottawa and globally through our online mindfulness programming. We guide organizations and individuals to tap into the power of mindfulness to build resilience, focus, and wellbeing. With consistent practice, mindfulness skills empower people to reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout so you can live your best life.

In the choice to let go of your known way of being, the whole world is revealed to your new eyes. -- Dana Faulds

Our Vision

We believe that change begins with the individual. It then ripples outward, affecting everyone and everything we do. We imagine a world where more people experience ease, wellbeing and compassion on a daily basis. And we know that with mindfulness and meditation, this is possible. If only 35% of the world meditated daily, the ripple-effect would be felt globally. As we feel peace within our own hearts, minds and bodies, this extends outward to our families, communities, and the world. Together with you, we at Ottawa Meditation & Wellness, want to be an integral part of this important and growing mindfulness movement.

Our Values

In carrying out our mission, we are guided by the following values and principles:

  • integrity
  • professionalism
  • awareness & wisdom
  • authenticity
  • kindness & compassion

Our Promise

We are committed to delivering top-quality programs and teachings within an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment, whether they are offered online or in person.

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