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About | Jennifer Innes

Jennifer Innes, MSc

Jennifer is the founder of Ottawa Meditation & Wellness and a skilled teacher with broad experience working with adults with a range of challenges, such as anxiety depression, trauma and chronic pain, as well as the many who are looking for new skills to build resilience and meet the stressors inherent in daily life.
“Jennifer is an amazing MBSR instructor. Her presence and awareness are inspirational. I recommend this course to anyone and everyone wanting to be more mindful, happy, and aware. Thank you for bringing this wonderful practice into my life. It’s life-changing.” —Ashleigh McGuinty

Jennifer’s passion to teach comes from personally experiencing the transformative benefits of these practices.

Beyond her two undergraduate degrees and a masters from the London School of Economics in the UK, Jennifer has trained extensively in mindfulness-based interventions for over four years. She was trained at University of Massachusetts and the UC San Diego medical schools. Her credentials include:

  • Brown University certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher
  • UCSD trained Mindful Self-Compassion teacher
  • UCSD trained Mindfulness, Performance, Enhancement & Knowledge (mPEAK) coach
  • Mindfulness-Based Habit Change teacher
  • Certified Sivananda yoga teacher.

Jennifer has also had the privilege of attending a number of silent retreat with many highly respected international mindfulness teachers, such a Tara Brach, Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield, and others.

As it is for many, Jennifer’s mindfulness journey began with a need to find new ways to cope with stress, the many unexpected twists and turns of life.  Setbacks and challenges in life – loss, relationship challenges, performance anxiety and a high degree of perfectionism. A “midlife re-assessment” in her early-40s was the impetus for her to take a closer look at her life and to begin to make changes.

As part of that process, she explored many modalities – from therapy to hypnosis and she even saw a shamanic healer, but ultimately it was the dedication to a daily meditation practice that propelled her on a path of transformation beyond anything she dreamed possible – it was a total game changer.

Inspired by the positive changes in her life, Jennifer knew these powerful practices could help others ease their struggles too. This led to a strong call to teach so that others could benefit from these lifelong skills to live their best life.

Prior to teaching mindfulness, Jennifer enjoyed a career in security and intelligence at the Privy Council Office in the Government of Canada.

In her 20s, a natural interest in eastern philosophy and religion, led her to take a year off to travel around the world, mostly throughout Asia and continued to travel regularly throughout her life.

She has also been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years and beyond mindfulness and meditation, she loves nutrition, weightlifting, hiking, cross-country skiing and spending time with her four teenagers (and dog Hazel) who continue to inspire her to be fully present, and the best mom she can be.

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