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What Is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

There are many definitions of mindfulness. None adequately capture the nature of mindfulness because mindfulness is pre-conceptual awareness. Mindfulness allows us to experience the world directly, not just through the lens of thought. Thoughts are representations, symbols that stand for reality, not reality itself. You can’t smell, taste or eat the word “apple.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn defines mindfulness as “paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.

  • On purpose meaning with intention and commitment
  • To the present moment meaning by directly experiencing each moment as it arises
  • Without judgment meaning by accepting and begin with whatever is present rather than resisting what is being experienced.
To live is so startling, it leaves but little room for other occupations - Emily Dickinson (1872)

Mindfulness is about cultivating awareness of the mind and body and living in the here and now. It’s about being fully present to whatever is happening in the present moment without filters, or the lens of judgment. Mindfulness helps us to wake up to our lives rather than be driven by auto-pilot.

While mindfulness is rooted in ancient Buddhist traditions, it’s also a universal practice that anyone can benefit from. In fact, being mindful is an important concept in many spiritual traditions, including, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Taoism. Today, mindfulness has expanded beyond its ancient philosophical and spiritual roots. Mindfulness has entered the mainstream in the west and is seen in many contexts, including medicine, psychology, neuroscience, education, sport, the correctional system and business.

Radio Lab: 16 Moments

What would it be like to be mindful all the time? To be present for each moment of your life as it unfolds. Sit back and see how it feels to absorb this collection of moments by the filmmakers at Radio Lab.

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