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Practice Groups & Retreats

Practice Groups

Practice groups are a way to support, maintain and strengthen your meditation practice in community, both new and experienced practitioners are welcome.
”Listen to silence, it has much to say.” — Rumi

English-Speaking Practice Groups

Ottawa Insight Meditation Community with Steven Hick, PhD, weekly sitting group.

StevenSteven is former social work professor and founder of War Child Canada, Steven Hick dove into the Dharma full-time in 2005. He has since founded the Ottawa Insight Meditation Community and now teaches insight meditation with an emphasis on reducing the stress in our daily life. He is Director of MBSR Ottawa where he established MBSR teacher training in Manitoba, Newfoundland and Alberta. Steven is the author of numerous books including Mindfulness and Social Work and Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship. He holds a PhD in social work, and is a father and activist. Steven has been practicing meditation and yoga since 1979 with a variety of teachers, including Matthew Flickstein, Adyashanti, Bhagavan Shanmukha and Thich Nhat Hanh.

*Practice groups offered by dharma teachers are donation-based.

Please visit: https://payattention.ca/weekly-sitting/ for details.

French-Speaking Practice Groups

A dedicated practitioner of Vipassana (insight) meditation, Roxanne Dault (she, her) has sat many long retreats in Asia and in the West, spending more than two years in silence in the last 15 years. She is a student of the Dhamma for life and enjoys sitting long solitary retreats. Roxanne has been involved with True North Insight for many years and now teaches weekly sits and residential retreats. She took part in the four-year Insight Meditation Society (IMS) Teacher Training, where she now teaches short and longer retreats. She is also part of the teaching team for a graduate program on mindfulness at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). She is trained in Somatic Experiencing®, a body-mind approach aimed at relieving the symptoms of trauma. Roxanne wants to share her love for this practice so that we can all touch the freedom in every moment!

Here are the link to Roxanne’s offerings:
View Roxanne's Bio in French

Roxanne Dault biographie

Passionnée par la méditation, Roxanne Dault participe depuis plus de 15 ans à des retraites en Occident et en Asie, passant ainsi plus de deux ans en silence dans la dernière décennie. Elle enseigne des séances hebdomadaires à Montréal et des retraites résidentielles au Canada, en France et aux États-Unis. Elle est chargée de cours dans le programme de 2e cycle à l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) sur la présence attentive. Invitée par ses enseignants, elle a complété une formation de quatre ans à l’Insight Meditation Society (IMS) aux États-Unis pour y enseigner de longues retraites résidentielles en silence ainsi que des programmes pour approfondir la pratique. Ses enseignements sont influencés par la spiritualité autochtone, ses nombreux voyages ainsi que son expérience en Somatic Experiencing® pour la gestion du stress et des traumas. Roxanne souhaite transmettre son amour pour cette pratique afin que tous découvrent la liberté à chaque instant!

Pascal par Benoit GuérinPascal Auclair has been immersed in Buddhist practice and study since 1997, sitting retreats in Asia and America with revered monastics and lay teachers. He has been mentored by Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield at the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Massachusetts and Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, where he is now enjoying teaching retreats. Pascal teaches in North America and in Europe. He is a co-founder of True North Insight and one of TNI’s Guiding Teachers.

“Pascal Auclair is a wonderful teacher. His depth of insight, classical training, and creative expression all combine in a wise and compassionate presence. I’m delighted that he is now sharing his dharma understanding.”
—Joseph Goldstein
Here is the link to Pascal’s French online sitting groups beginning mid-September:

Mindfulness (MBSR/MSC) Booster Classes

Revitalize or deepen your practice with Mindfulness Booster Classes. These 75-minute classes are designed primarily to support those who have taken MBSR, MSC or other mindfulness-based interventions, but are also open to those who have not. They include a 45-minute mindful yoga practice followed by a 30-minute sitting mindfulness meditation. They are held online via Zoom on the second Sunday of each month, from 8:15 to 9:30 AM.

Price for ONLINE classes (75-minute):
12 Class Package: $162.00 ($13.50/class)
6 Class Package: $90.00 ($15.00/class)
Drop-in 18.00
* Class packages do not expire.

To try a free class, or to register, please email Jennifer at: info@omwellness.ca.


Silent retreat is an opportunity to deepen your mindfulness practice and tune into the mind and body in ways that are often not possible in the busyness of daily life.

Upcoming MBSR Retreat

Day-Long Retreat (in the city) with Jennifer Innes, November 28th from 9:30-3:30 (in-person in Westboro, or online via Zoom depending on restrictions.)
This retreat is part of the fall 2021 MBSR Program and is open to all MBSR alumni.
If you are interested in attending this retreat, but have never taken MBSR, please contact Jennifer at info@omwellness.ca for spots available to the public.

Featured Silent Retreat

(These are not offered by Ottawa Meditation & Wellness, but are suggestions that are close by or online. Websites below also offer many options.) 

The Dharma with a Twist: 5-day online silent retreat
October 26 to 30, 2021
Facilitator(s): Patricia Rockman MD CCFP FCFP & Pascal Auclair

This retreat will explore the intersection between the Dharma (the ancient wisdom teachings of the Buddha) and mindfulness-based interventions.

To find out more, please visit: https://www.mindfulnessstudies.com/pro-dev/dharma-with-twist/


Retreat Centres

These centres offer both residential and non-residential retreats (in Canada and the US), with many online options available. There are many excellent teachers and retreat centres (this is not an exhaustive list), but a good place to start.

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    The concept of “empty boats” in Zen teachings comes from a story originally told by Chinese philosopher Chuang Zhu and it has much to offer us as a frame for living with emotional balance and equa...

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