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1:1 Coaching and Private Groups

Private Coaching

Whether you’re an experienced mindfulness practitioner or new to meditation, we have three packages to suit various needs and groups of people including for:


  • Experienced mindfulness practitioners
  • Executives
  • Learn to meditate with a friend or partner
  • Competitive athletes
  • Those looking to change habits
``Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight.” — Ajahn Brahm

As a mindfulness professional, skilled group facilitator and coach, Jennifer brings a unique mix of extensive training, depth of personal practice, and a broad range of experience. She is calm, warm and compassionate and has an intuitive and wise way of offering guidance and connecting with others.

“Attuned to not only what we were saying but experiencing, Jennifer was able to “push” our reflection in a way that helped us better integrate our insights. She is a lovely human being that I highly recommend.” — Kayla Spicer.
Training & Certifications

1:1 Coaching Packages

Experienced Practitioners

Are you an experienced practitioner who feels stuck in your practice or some aspect of your life?

Maybe a relationship challenge, a work or health-related issue, a loss, or a behaviour you’d like to change. Or perhaps you are looking for ways to work with obstacles to practice, such as building consistency, working with an over-active mind, restlessness, fatigue, self-doubt or worry.

These inquiry-based sessions aim to unpack challenges and discover how best you can work with them (i.e., what strategies and tools you can apply in those moments when you need them most).

These sessions are ideal if you have taken MBSR, mPEAK or MSC, as the format invites inquiry and free-flowing dialogue rather than a pre-determined structure. This allows sessions to be responsive to your needs in the moment.

One-hour sessions (prices include a 20-minute intake call before session one.)

  • One session – $180
  • For missed MBSR or MSC sessions – $120 (1 hour) or $60 (30 minutes). These can be tailored to include the key elements of more than one missed session. Participants can also split the cost if they attend together.
  • Package of 3 sessions – $480 (160 per session)
  • Package of 5 sessions – $750 (150 per session)


If you are an executive who has taken one of our programs within your organization and would like to build on and develop a more consistent mindfulness practice or greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence and other leadership skills, this package is for you.

The sessions range from $180 to $230 an hour depending on your needs and mindfulness experience.

Book a 15-minute consultation

Competitive Athletes

If you’re an athlete who wants to take your performance to the next level, contact Derek here for coaching packages.

Semi-Private Packages

These are ideal for couples or friends. These sessions are tailored to suit the pair’s needs and often include theme-based sessions, especially if you have little to no mindfulness experience. The format combines guided practice, conceptual teaching and inquiry.

75-Minute sessions for 2 People
  • 1 session – $250 ($125 p/p)
  • 3 sessions – $230 per session ($115 p/p)
  • 5 sessions – $220 per session ($110 p/p)

Habit Change Packages

This package is for those who want to change maladaptive eating behaviours or transform anxiety or other sticky habit loops like procrastination, excessive use of social media, etc. As part of this package, participants subscribe and engage at their own pace with the Eat Right Now or Unwinding Anxiety apps.

The sessions will follow a flipped classroom model, which means you engage with the app at home (for approx. 15-minutes a day), then we meet weekly to reinforce, deepen and expand upon what you are learning. Sessions will combine experiential practices, instruction, and inquiry for deepening understanding and integrating habit change into your life.

Five-session package, 75-minutes each
  • One person — $750
  • Two ppl. — $375 per person
  • Three ppl. — $280 per person
  •  4-5 ppl. — $260 per person

* We run workshops (7 people min. $249.00 pp). You can join our waitlist  for the next one.

Learn More about Eating Behaviour Change

Learn More about Unwinding Anxiety (link coming soon.)

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